Computational linguistics form theory to practice
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For both language and AI enthusiasts

Dive into the fascinating world of "Computational Linguistics: From Theory to Practice," a groundbreaking textbook that bridges the gap between the precision of computers and the intricacies of human language. This essential guide illuminates the vast and impactful field of computational linguistics, offering a deep exploration of its fundamental concepts, historical roots, and versatile applications. 

From deciphering word meanings to mastering text classification and delving into corpus linguistics, this book unfolds the many facets of computational linguistics. Discover its immense potential across various sectors, including language teaching, search engines, and machine translation. The journey doesn't stop at theory. The second part of the book, dedicated to 'Computational Linguistics Projects,' provides a practical, hands-on approach. Using the powerful Google Colab platform, readers gain the skills to execute projects like sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, and more, ensuring a comprehensive understanding and application of the learned theories.

"Computational Linguistics: From Theory to Practice" is more than a textbook; it's a journey through the roots of language and computing, leading to the cutting-edge projects shaping our modern world. Perfect for students, researchers, and professionals, this book is your compass in the ever-evolving intersection of language and technology. Prepare to be enlightened and inspired as you turn each page and immerse yourself in the profound world of computational linguistics.

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